Praise For "Email Marketing An Hour A Day"

“The world renowned expertise of Daniels and Mullen is at its best here, as they break down the mysteries of email marketing into digestible nuggets that make it easy for every busy marketer to consume.” Alan Chapell, Esq. – Chairman and Founder of Chapell and Associates

“Jeanniey Mullen and David Daniels wrote the book on email marketing, and now finally they wrote the book"  Nick Friese – President, Digital Media & Marketing Events

“David Daniels and Jeanniey Mullen have done the impossible: present sophisticated strategies in an accessible and easy guide for all types of email marketers. Ignore this book at your peril.”
Dave Hendricks – EVP Operations, Datran Media

“David and Jeanniey are tremendous advocates for the responsible and effective use of email marketing.  These impressive thought leaders understand that email marketing is the backbone of all digital communications.  When others predicted the demise of email, both of these industry champions defended the medium and pointed out its evolving value to marketers and subscribers alike.   Their insights are thought provoking, humorous and always deliver value to marketers.  I read every word that both authors write.”  Scott Dorsey – CEO, ExactTarget

“There is so much unnecessary mystery around email marketing.   David and Jeanniey have put the myths to rest and given marketers a straight forward and actionable primer on how to build a fantastic, customer centric email marketing program.   If you only read one book on this topic, this is it!”  Dan Springer – CEO, Responsys; Board of Directors for ITI, E-LOAN and The Randall Museum

“David’s focus, tireless commitment and understanding of the online community has made him the authority in our space.  Through years of research across the digital landscape David has reported on, predicted and impacted the role of email.   By combining the real world experiences of two email experts into an Hour a Day readers are in a unique position to launch relevant, responsible and highly engaging email programs right from the start.  If there is one, make that two, unbiased completely vetted authorities—it’s David and Jeanniey. This should be on the reading list of every marketer that uses or plans to use email in a more effective, responsible and effective way.”  Matthew Seeley –  President, Experian CheetahMail

 “Technology evangelists are a rare breed. They not only need to be the experts in their fields - on top of every new innovation, thought, and trend – they need to be able to express their knowledge with enthusiasm, passion, energy, clarity, and excitement. It doesn’t hurt if they are entertaining as all get out as well. I’ve shared more stages, rental cars, airplanes, and bar stools with David and Jeanniey than I care to remember and I can tell you these two are the best in the business. What the heck…buy the book and find out for yourself. You won’t be sorry and you’ll be a much smarter person on the last page than you were when you started on page one.” Bill McCloskey - Chairman, co-Founder, and Chief Evangelist; Email Data Source, Inc.

“This book will light a torch in the dark and surprise you with everything that you probably had not considered. As comprehensive, as it is practical and easy to read, the book provides the methodic view that is necessary for taking email marketing from art to science. In Email Marketing an Hour a Day, two of the most respected voices in the industry deliver an excellent resource on how to improve the effectiveness of this potentially powerful medium.”   Akin Arikan, Author of “Multichannel Marketing: Metrics and for On and Offline Success” and Strategist for Unica Corporation

“Email marketing is a powerful tool. It is also complicated. Just when you get your strategy right, your reputation is challenged. When you fix that, your creative formats are not adhering to best practices. Email marketing could possibly be one of the most; challenging and complex marketing channels out there. Knowing where to go and how to focus is key. Jeanniey Mullen and David Daniels have taken our collective challenges head on and provide you with the solutions you need to know in this book. Read this book and you will immediately have a better handle on your email marketing efforts.”   Matt Blumberg – CEO, Return Path

“Email Marketing An Hour a Day is one of the best overall guides I’ve seen for bringing marketers quickly and painlessly to a place where email can be a truly strategic marketing channel. It is, quite simply, the on ramp for the next generation of sophisticated email marketers.”  Bill Nussey – CEO, Silverpop; Author of “The Quite Revolution in Email Marketing”

“For any marketing channel to stay viable it has to constantly improve.  I am impressed with the enthusiasm and fresh ideas that David and Jeanniey continue to bring to the email industry.   In Email Marketing an Hour a Day, David and Jeanniey do not disappoint, as this book offers compelling and proven tactics to advance the effectiveness of email as well as practical guidance on how to prioritize and integrate emerging channels such as Social and Mobile communications.   A must have for any marketer.”   John Rizzi – CEO, e-Dialog

“While there are many books on email marketing, few come with the credentials and real-world breadth of exposure that David and Jeanniey bring to this research.  Balancing vast experiences in the email marketing space with a very broad analyst reality of the dynamics in the channels, vendors and market dynamics, they’ve developed a book that provides a baseline understanding of the email channel in a very logical flow, and provided relevant context that helps marketers understand how to improve this ever evolving channel.  As two of the leading thought leaders in the email marketing space, this is a great contribution to our industry and a worthy read for anyone doing email marketing in their business.”  David Baker – Vice President of Email Solutions, Razorfish

“If there was one book this year that I would give to all of my employees and clients it would be this book that Jeanniey and David have created. It puts all the years of experience, research and knowledge that they have gathered into one place to make it easy for my team to do their jobs better. It will become the book that all new hires at eROI will be given along with their offer letter and all new clients should receive when they decide to work with us. Having this resource in print will allow most email marketers to do their jobs better, resulting in subscribers to their company's email campaigns to be get emails that are relevant, compliant and in the end more successful to their bottom lines.”  Dylan T. Boyd - VP Sales & Strategy, eROI

“In Email Marketing an Hour a Day, David and Jeanniey offer a must-have guide for every marketer that is filled to the brim with insider tips and practical tactics on improving the effectiveness of email marketing.   As tenured champions of the email channel, they deftly explore email’s intersection with social and mobile marketing, making this a critical resource for every marketing professional.”  Deidre Baird – President & CEO, Pivotal Veracity

“There's no one I'd rather talk email with than David and Jeanniey -- their knowledge of the channel is an invaluable resource. This book will help improve the overall quality and performance of the email marketing we all send and receive.”
Jeanne S. Jennings – Consultant, Email Marketing Strategy
Author, “The Email Marketing Kit” and Columnist on Email Marketing, ClickZ Experts

"The majority of today's consumer has embraced a digital lifestyle, and marketers agree that successful email marketing strategies remain a key way for brands to stay both relevant and targeted in the increasingly noisy online Consumerscape. Finally, with Email Marketing an Hour a Day, there is an owner's manual to check the oil, kick the tires, and ensure that no matter the climate, your digital-direct vehicle is humming efficiently and accountably."
Andy Goldman, VP, Solutions Lead, Rapp

“David and Jeanniey have taken their years of knowledge of the email marketing industry and stuffed them into a readable book jam-packed with little “aha!” nuggets that are certain to improve any email effort.  Written to contain layers of information for all levels of email marketers, beginner to advanced, this book ensures that you will take away from it what you put into it.”  Jordan Ayan – Chairman & Founder of SubscriberMail, author of “Aha! - 10 Ways To Free Your Creative Spirit and Find your Great Ideas” and “The Practical Guide to Email Marketing: Strategies and Tactics for Inbox Success.”

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